Public projects


Investment Finance Consulting designs and executes project finance strategies and raises capital to fund developments, acquisitions, sales, privatizations and public-private partnership. The company has experience with a wide range of projects, which include both traditional and renewable energy characteristics The projects include, but are not limited to:


  • Waste-to-energy plants 
  • Biomass energy plants
  • Airport facilities 
  • Port facilities
  • Healthcare assets
  • Transportation

             - Road construction 

             - Light train 

  • Electrification energy 

             - Solar

             - Oil

             - Gas

             - Steam

             - Wind 


All services are guaranteed with full maintenance.



Corporate projects


Investment Finance Consulting offers advisory serives to large corporate bodies and private businesses. Once due diligence process has been completed, Investment Finance Consultancy will market the project to investors and lenders to ultimately raise capital.


Investment Finance Consulting Ltd




Public infrastructure financing


Expatriate recruitment


Green energy: oil & gas investments


Large manufacturing turn key operations